Sunday Summary


How has the last week of mental and physical gains been? It has been good, dear true friends. Nothing really new or exiting just another day and week in the grind, one small step forward each week! I am almost done with my three weeks of Smolov Jr Bench, so I will either attempt a max in three sessions or just do the next two and do it after that. I will aim at 160 kg and then try for 170 kg (both with a good form and pause). I will then base my next three weeks cycle of Smolov JR on that weight.
The squat routine is agonisingly heavy, I have never doubted myself or what I am capable of but sometimes it is necessary to be realistic about these things. I honestly don’t know if I will make the last weeks in the program. I can exemplify this by comparing these two sessions with each other:

This is 4×4 on 180 kg (one of the hardest sessions ever)

My next session after today is 5×5 on 177,5 kg. Sure I am bulking now, but strength does not come that quickly. I will still attempt it. I might just do a few of the sets and then decide what do to. Perhaps I will attempt a max at 220 kg and then take it from there.
As for the diet it looks the same, I am trying to find an optimal amount of carbohydrates as pwo, too much and I will feel full and in worst case sleepy, too little and I will lack the necessary energy to perform optimally. I have also thought of switching to only eating “clean food” which will basically mean fruit as pwo instead of chocolates etc, I will make video discussing that choice!


As for the gaming I have decided to only go with Skyrim for now, noooow (Ramsey Snow’s voice), and leave Rome II for later. I really like Rome but I want to be a bit more consistent with my uploads, which means I will focus on one of the games at a time since I want to upload other videos as well. Skyrim is more popular, but fear not I will return to Rome later on and make regular uploads playing that.
The plans for the coming week include studying for an exam (not a huge one though 🙂 ). Make the most epic gym video ever, I am serious, I will at least aim for that!
And then just keep on grinding! I hope you also have a productive and glorious week!

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