Sunday Summary


Another week in the grind has passed. It has been rewarding indeed. I am well into my second Smolov JR 3 week cykle and I upped the weight increment from 5 kg to 10 kg for additional hypertrophy, I don’t have time to not try to grow as much as possible (via increased strength). It is 3 weeks to my power lifting meet. The bulk have been going as planned and the weight (I weigh myself at the gym) is around 105 kg which might land me over the -105 kg class. But then again I do not care for relative strength, I am just out to get as good numbers as possible on the meet. That is the purpose; Not to place well, which I won’t do either way considering it is my first meet.
Regarding the Russian Squat Routine I don’t want to write how that goes here because I have a highly epic video coming up :).
As for the diet part I have decided to cut down on the milk just a bit due to a deteriorating skin health, I will just have to eat my calories instead, which is a shame because milk is a very easy and tasty source of both protein and calories. I will experiment a bit more with rice in the coming week and obviously post a Gains Kitchen when I come up with a cool recipe!
Today I had a little photoshoot with some body paint involved. Looked really cool, I think it might be an awesome thing to do when I am lean again.
In other news I just released the first Ryse: Son of Rome Let’s Play, which was a must for me to play. I also started a campaign in Total War: Rome II playing as Egypt, I think a good 10 episodes of that is a necessity for my channel. Speaking of my channel it hit 6000 subscribers during the week, which felt really great. The real short term goal is 10 000 though. I will keep on grinding until I get there!


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