Sunday Summary


Another week has passed, and by God they pass fast! It feels like it only yesterday I wrote the latest Sunday Summary. I guess this is a good sign though as I keep very busy. I try to be as productive as possible to make up for lost time. I have studied other Youtubers and one thing I see is that many of them have been at it for a long time. I try to make both regular videos and Let’s Plays for this reason, to get a lot of videos out. Speaking of YouTube I have seen a very good growth in the subscriber base the last week. Special mention goes to my friend Jason Blaha of JuggernautFitnessTV who involved himself in my callout on Loey Lane on fat acceptance, I have still not got any response form Loey, which I take as a victory for the good side. Also special mention to Bobby Arcand of OlympusIron who also has been supportive!
As for the training I have done some of the best feats of strength so far, as is appropriate during a bulk, if you are not getting stronger you are doing it wrong, simple as that. My Russian Squat Routine was concluded with a session of 200 kg 3×3 and the following one at 2×2 at 210 kg (and the 6×2 at 167,5 kg in between). These sessions along with some other footage is now my Youtube main video.

One of the things I missed when putting so much emphasis on the squats is that I haven’t been deadlifting seriously in a good while. My strength there still went up though, as a result of increasing overall strength, higher bodyweight and more calories. I managed a 1RM at 250 kg, which felt good! I have also come to the conclusion that I need to focus more on other lifts than just bench and squats. But the primary focus right now is the meet in two weeks!
As for the diet I have been eating more ‘kvarg’ which is a Swedish dairy product with good protein content, it is not very calorie dense though, which actually led to a reduction in my bodyweight, from around 105 kg to 103 kg (measured at the gym at regular gym time). The reason for eating/drinking more of this is because it is cheap and easy to make.
Now I will head on into another week in the grind. Will try to make some more Gains Kitchens as well in the coming week!

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