Sunday Summary


Sunday evening once more!
The training of the week (this will also be true of the following week) has been toned down and sporadic, this is due to the fact that I want to be fresh and ready to go next weekend during my powerlifting meet. I even had three (!) rest days the past week. All the heavy lifting left its toll on my body and even though I could have kept on pushing hard I had more to gain from taking it easier. It’s all just part of the bigger game. After my meet it is time to go back to new schedules, I will continue with the RSR and Smolov JR for the bench and will also incorporate set routines for other movements as well, more on that next week when I have finalized my plans!
One thing I know I will do is to do 3×3 pushpress at 95 kg (ca 85% of 1RM) at the end of each bench session, as the primary accessory exercise (thanks Jason Blaha for input).
Another thing I know I will do is to re-structure my deadlift technique, with the brilliant help of my friends at UTK, primarily Michal and of course the Abelian Bull aka Alex Strongman.
Another thing I will get a better structure on is my diet. Even thought carbohydrates are what makes you grow big and strong you still need your protein, which is about 180 g for me, which indeed can be quite much, and I don’t only want to get it from whey. I will also elaborate on this later on, I will perhaps do a full day of eating in Gains Kitchen :).
In other news I made my first training video with commentary today. It was well received so I will definitely make more of those. Really, really happy with the audio quality as well. Also, I think I will make fewer Let’s Plays (maybe 3 a week instead of 5) to get more time for studies and more time for other videos, I always have so much to talk about so I look forward to making more regular videos as well, in addition to voiceovers. Also after my meet I will train more Strongman which always becomes epic videos!
If you like my Let’s Plays, don’t worry, I still like doing them and I will make more of them. Skyrim will make its return later on as well!
Lastly: I also feel good with my current form. It is a far cry from the perfection at display at the picture above, but I will good and strong and glorious either way. Sure I look forward to getting lean again but it is in no way hard mentally for me now. I just see even more time for me to grow and acquire strength.
And finally, just seeing on my Facebook now the well wishes from you (Scottish, Italian, Indian, Egyptian) for my meet makes me very, very humbled, so thank you for that, it truly means the world to me <3.

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