Sunday Summary (Powerlifting Meet)


Better pictures and a video is coming during the week :-)!

Greetings! I just finished my first powerlifting meet.
230 kg Squat, my first lift was 200 followed by 215 kg and then finally 230 kg which by far is a new 1RM. I am really, really happy with this weight. Hard word pays off, no other words to describe it. I put in the painful work and reaped the benefits. Very happy and proud of this achievement.
160 kg Bench, I opened with 150 kg and did 160 kg after that and failed at 170 kg, got redlighted due to glutes leaving the bench. I am not going to lie, I am really disappointed. I am the Golden One and this was simply not good enough for me. 160 kg might be a good number but when looking at the progression it is outright horrible. Also considering the work I’ve put into the bench and also considering that I need a bigger chest for more physical glory. I really wanted 170 kg but will not dwell upon this setback to much. Tomorrow it is back to the Temple with a vengeance.
252,5 kg Deadlift, I opened with 230 kg followed by 240 kg and then ended the competition with a new 1RM of 252,5 kg. I am happy with this because it was my first meet and it was the very last lift. Otherwise I know I have more in me. None of these lifts felt heavy at all; my mind just went blank and suddenly I stood screaming in triumph.
Needless to say my energy levels were not on top for these lifts, but the same goes for everyone and the same will go for my next meet so that is just something I have to take into consideration!
All in all I am an experience richer, a bit saddened by the bench but the squat makes me more happy so it is all good!
The diet, I will elaborate on this at a later time because I have not yet figured out how this happened. About a month ago I weighed around 105 kg. Today I weighed in at a meagre 101 kg. This is after a week of heavy eating. I can think of two reasons for this. A) I did not train hard the last week, which led to a suppressed appetite. B) My consumption of kvarg/quark increased, kvarg is usually utilized as a low calorie/ high protein option! I have used it because it is cheap and easy to make.
Coming plans, tomorrow it is back to the grind. I will take it easy in the deadlift and squat for a little time. But as for the bench, I must go straight at it again, the clock is ticking and I MUST put on more mass there for the coming season of photoshoots. The key to that is to get stronger in the bench, no other way (for me) to do it. As for the diet I do not know how I will do it, probably to eat a bit ‘cleaner’, ie more veggies etc and protein as opposed to the things I have been eating as load up for this day.

Thank you all so much for your support, also thank you so much for everyone who came to support me today.
Special mention to the Abelian Bull aka the Bull of Testosterone and Glory who was my rock and coach for today, you are the best (no homo). Also thanks to Gunsbrah who looked joocey and were glorious support.
Also a special mention to the Polish Demolisher aka Michał Marciniewski, who tore his biceps at his last attempt at 310 kg in the deadlift. You are a real beast so this will not deter you in the slightest! Michal has helped me a lot with my lifts so I my good results are due to his wisdom as well!
Lastly also a mention to my brother who is always and has always been with me!

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