Sunday Summary


Back to regular training again! I have started another cycle of Smolov Jr for the bench, it was with great satisfaction that I entered 170 kg in the calculator. As you saw in the powerlifting video I failed at 170 kg in the bench, my glutes left the bench. I took revenge the day after with a proper lift. I was so angry that I didn’t get it during the meet so I just had to try again the day after.
Otherwise I have been taking it rather easy with the training, I will ramp up the intensity later on, I just need to recover a bit to be able to go harder later on again. I have restructured my deadlift technique in order to use the legs more in the beginning of the movement. The reason for me not doing so earlier stems from the time I was much stronger in my back than in my legs, which led me to never learn to really incorporate my legs in the lift. Now, however, I am quite strong in my legs, why I want to utilize them as much as possible in the deadlift.
I will also start rowing regularly, regular bent over barbell rows, or seal rows. I will do this every other session, after my deadlifts. The deadlifts will still be quite light, so I still keep my new and improved form, so I will basically do them light but with high frequency.
The diet, I have reached that point in the bulk where I would rather not eat, which actually is nice, the key here to remember is to still get your protein in. If you don’t eat, chances are that the things you eat will be easy to make, easy to eat- kind of things, which usually not entails protein. So look out for this if you can relate to this feel (feel is feeling in Interwebz for those who are unaware). My appetite will probably get back when the training becomes more intense again, but until then I am fine with not eating that much, after all it will make my recomp/cut next year easier. Also, just as a reminder I strive for 180 g of protein a day.
In other news I just hit 5000 likes on Facebook, which might not seem that much at first but it was a big goal for me to hit so I am really happy with that.



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