Ask yourself this: Have you ever seen someone truly glorious indulge in inappropriate amounts of alcohol?
Neither have I.
This is not to say that you must always abstain from alcohol. You will not be considered a degenerate and lose all your gains by the occasional glass of wine accompanying the food (although red wine is the preferred drink of the leftists so I would be careful either way), or to drink a local draft of beer if you visit another nation. Or indeed share a horn of mead with some brothers.
The problem arises when the drinking becomes a habit or even a necessity for social interaction. When drinking becomes the binding glue of a social group you must think through if that really is what is best for you.
I realise full well that it isn’t the goal of everyone to become an epic hero of wisdom, that is completely fine, it is their own choice that they take a short-term satisfaction and joy over a long-term one. And just as I will accept this they must also accept that I am therefore physically and mentally superior.
Getting drunk every weekend will be detrimental towards your journey towards perfection. Some will dispute this, alas everyone who has reached or is close to reaching perfection will agree with me here.

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