Basic Gym Rules


Feel more than welcome to share this post, I hope it can help a lot of people :)!
The first rule to everyone new into the gym is the following: Nobody is going to judge you. If you are fat and in the gym people will only admire your courage and the decision to do something about it. The same goes if you are a very skinny guy. No one was a beast the first time they stepped into the sacred halls of the Temple. And by that token, any muscular guy (or well trained girl) will respect you for taking that first step. People care about you a lot less than you think. So drop foolish notions of insecurities and feel at ease in the gym!
The second rule is to show respect towards other people. Most importantly here is to never talk to anyone immersed in their training. Least of all when they are performing a set. Also, use common sense, if someone is hyping himself up for a heavy set of squat, do not initiate a conversation.
It is fine to ask other lifters for help but make sure that the individual is approachable and not busy. More experienced lifters will be friendly and often happy to give some quick advice but also recognise that they need to train as well. To keep it simple, use common sense!
Always re-rack your weights and never occupy spaces designated for a specific exercise. This means that if you can do deadlifts anywhere in the gym you do not need to occupy the squat rack for it.
Sharing is caring, don’t be afraid to ask if you can jump in between sets if someone is using a certain machine/rack.
Third rule is to check the ego at the door, no one is going to be impressed with your weights in the beginning either way so you might as well find a proper technique, instead of using too heavy weights. It is better to start to light and work yourself up than hurting yourself with weights you can’t handle.

These are the most basic rules, I would say good luck with the training but luck has nothing to do with it so I will go with:
Train insane or remain the same!

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