Sunday Summary


Happy New Year to everyone!
The countdown to summer is soon here. Even though I look forward to better times (such as portrayed in the picture above) and to get lean I realise that it would be more beneficial to wait a bit longer before I start my recomp (a very slow cut). I feel more motivated when I know that glory awaits during the summer, with photoshoots and videos to be made. I feel I didn’t make enough cool videos during the last summer so I will definitely try to do more such videos later on. It is always easier to keep motivated when you have a sense of urgency and a clear goal to work towards. I think I will do a cycle of Smolov JR for the bench also, to get my training a bit more structured again.

In other news I will also open up for online coaching for international clients in the coming week. More on this in the announcement later this week!

As for videos I will make the coming week I will start a new Total War: Rome II campaign in the DLC Caesar in Gaul, where I will bring the Gauls to glory again the invaders.
Speaking of Total War I was gifted Attila today by a true friend, which was very awesome. When I play it and make let’s plays on it (in February) it will feel even more epic!


I have actually had a minor lack in motivation as of late but now I am very much looking forward to train really hard in the coming time. All in preparation for the glorious times to come!

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