Sunday Summary


It has been a glorious week indeed, with training more back to normal. I must even admit to you all that I received doms in my back from the deadlifts and I also felt in my chest after the heavy benching. This didn’t really surprise me though since I hadn’t hit anything hard for so long. Doms is a sign of undertraining and that is exactly what I have done so I had it coming. I have also, as shown in this video:

Begun to pushpress heavy again. My shoulder has been a bit mischievous during the autumn so I can’t begin to describe how amazing this feels. Pushpress is one of my absolute favourite exercises, and also looks really cool in videos! So I will try to increase as much in that as possible. For me there is nothing magic about the bench, squat and deadlift; they aren’t more important than the pushpress just because you can compete in them. For optimal glory you must be overall strong.
As for the diet part I have eaten a bit more high fat and lower carbohydrates. I still view carbohydrates as the no 1 fuel for performance in the gym so this is more like a change of diet for health reasons, I like the feeling of more fat better. I will elaborate about this in a coming Gains Kitchen video.
Also, my Temple has moved its location, so it will be interesting to see how that turns out!
Lastly, if you can bear with my shenanigans, I made a very good tzatziki recipe that I have actually really enjoyed during the weekend. Only downside is that you smell so much garlic!

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