Competition Drives us to Excellence


Competition and rivalry is often seen as something evil, especially in Cultural Marxist thought. The reason for this is due to the misconception that in order for someone to excel and prosper someone else has to lose.
However, it is not the victory that drives us forward but rather the struggle to attain it.
And after all, if you have gotten a long way on the journey by that simple fact, wherein lies the evil?
From the outlook of the tribe, the fiercer the competition within the group, the better the entire tribe will fare against other tribes or against the dangers of nature.
Naturally a lot of people want to be sheltered and be the big fish in a small pond. This reasoning, however, is blasphemous, because even if everyone once in a while wishes for an easy victory it is always more beneficial to learn to relish the competition and struggle.
When I have sons I will encourage them to (if not outright fight) at least wrestle and engage in physical competition, instead of giving them the option of a sense of security which will only damage their drive to win and better themselves later on.
Consider this: Being physically defeated by another boy will be humiliating; What is the best course of action? To be sheltered by your parents and society and avoid that transitory bad feeling or to learn the lesson quickly that you have to step up your game?
This can be applied to something perhaps more relevant to younger men right now: Imagine that you have a close friend or brother who has come further in a certain journey, let us take muscular development as an example. What do you do? You train harder, easy as that. And by setting the standard for each other you will then out-rival other groups, that is the reason that you should be with people who have the fire in them to attain glory. Without it you will lower your own standard and be comfortable with less than would be possible otherwise.
I am sure you have heard that you should not compare yourself to others (especially growing up), and right enough, your individual progression is the key. However, even if YOU do not compare yourself to others, you will be compared to others by others. Radical leftism (the reigning political thought in much of Europe) dictates that everyone is equal no matter what. This might feel good for the moment, but deep down inside no one wants to be the weakest or the slowest or the dumbest.
If you learn to harness the primordial desire to be the best and compete against others, you will never lack motivation.
You must also acknowledge that the harder the tribe competes within the tribe, the better it will fare against outsiders.
To take an example I am very grateful for my brother, without him I would not be as glorious as I am right now, and without me he would not be as glorious he is. The reason for that is because we have pushed each other towards excellence since the dawn of our time. And it was never the case that we one day sat down and said to ourselves that we would push each other, but rather it has come from setting the standard for each other and harnessing the natural desire to compete. And even though you might sometimes feel aversion towards each other and wish for someone less formidable to compete with, remember this: He will also be the one who has your back when faced with outward opposition. And then you will be thankful for the strength of each other. With this reasoning it is also easy to realise that the competition in the tribe or between brothers must always be one of increasing one’s performance, in contrast to trying to put each other down. Malice and ill will are the signs of lesser men, whereas the ability to aid each other in the pursuit of excellence is what creates greatness.

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