Haters in fitness and politics on the Internet

This is hardly the first time I have received similar comments and it is time that I clarify something really important.
Just as the fitness industry has its haters who can’t even formulate a sentence without including the word fake natty in it, the political scene on the Internet has the same kind of negative people in it. But for them the case it that they can’t formulate a single sentence or argument without talking about “muh Jews” . Just as it is convenient to (in the fitness case) blame everyone for steroid use to justify one’s own failures it is always easy for “nationalists” to always discredit everyone’s efforts because they are not as extreme as themselves.
In this case it is an anonymous user talking about how bad Nigel Farage is and in the next sentence have the audacity to call me a fake nationalist. Easy to say anonymous behind a screen. Nothing wrong about being anonymous on the Internet, after all, everyone isn’t a massive Elf ready to throw-down 24/7, I am not anonymous and not hard to recognize, so show some respect and be a bit more humble.
Being negative and complaining about how bad everything is is very easy. Actually doing something is harder on the other hand. Humans in general will always take the path of least resistance, which is why there are so many haters. It is easier to discredit the work of others than actually working yourself.

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