Sunday Summary. Smolov JR, Book Gains, Norway’s National Day


First and foremost I would like to express my joy over at having hit 11 000 subscribers on YouTube! Not quite the same milestone as 10 000 but still very glorious! 15 000 should come within a reasonably near future and if the Gods are benevolent, and if I am consistent maybe 20 000 could be reached this year. I have not set up any goal or such, I merely try to take one day at a time and continuously progress, basically the exact same mentality as when it comes to the gym!
Speaking of the Temple of Iron I just did the following session (as a part of the third week of my current Smolov JR cycle): 7 sets of 5 repetitions on 132,5 kg. This was also all I did in the gym today. As Smolov JR requires 4 bench sessions a week I will bench tomorrow again and thus I did not want to completely exhaust myself in today’s session. You can also just keep it at every other day if going with Smolov JR.
Today’s PWO was as usual a cup of glorious Lindvall’s Coffee and also tried 2 Snickers. The latter proved to be a mistake, however, as I felt my blood sugar drop after a few sets. Do not take this as that Snickers or similar energy sources are always bad however. It did just not work very well today, this of course also has to do a good bit with my nutrition earlier in the day. I actually trained earlier this fine Sunday to get back in time to Twitch (more on that further down).


Furthermore I was acquiring new books today as I just read out, Horus Heresy part 7: Legion by Dan Abnett and even though that book is not as interesting in the beginning it becomes highly interesting and very epic at the end. If you haven’t read the Horus Heresy yet I strongly encourage you to do so.
However, the books I acquired now was not Sci-Fi but rather some good old historical fiction, my favourite genre, hands down! I wanted books to go with my current culture stack, which is still the late Roman era. The two books are seen below along with the Allteddy.20150517_141811The author is female and a thing I like specifically with female authors is that they tend to capture the characters and relations in the books a bit better, whereas male authors tend to be a bit better at the action segments. A good author is always a good author though but if you enjoy a bit deeper feel for the characters look at books by female authors. Manda Scott and Robyn Young are recommended! I will make a review of these books once I have read them. As you all probably know by know I have always been into the Arthur legend and that time period, so these books were an obvious choice!

2015-05-17_00004Speaking of the Twitch I played my Saxon campaign in the company of my Latsbrothers and the highly glorious High King Cendred fought his last battle and died with honour. Outnumbered by many foes he fought like a lion! 2015-05-17_00008Lastly I would also like to congratulate our brothers and sisters in Norway upon their national day. Norway is a good example for Sweden and Sweden is a bad example for Norway. I genuinely wish Sweden could follow Norway’s lead in more political issues, not least regarding an open and mature debate regarding sensitive issues!


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