Bodybuilding Advice. Mental Images


As I have said repeatedly in the past, in order to make your muscles to grow you need to constantly progress. If you don’t get stronger or challenge the body more, your muscles will not grow, easy as that.
This leads us to the point with this post. You cannot always rely on a caloric surplus or a good nights sleep or a good amount of caffeine to get you to progress in the Temple. When the training gets hard and heavy (the last set of 10×3 on 150 kg in paused bench for the hench for example as was my session yesterday) it is a good idea to resort to mental images that can grant you strength. Some people will never understand this, because they are stuck in a social context where Sex and the City is the norm and Spartacus is seen as barbaric. These guys will never make significant gains.
As we saw from my testosterone results (that it is average) I cannot say that I have a high testosterone, however, I am constantly in a more glorious and testosteronous mindset. I do not conform to degenerate, feminine ideals of what the modern man should be like. I am accountable only to my owns ideals, gathered from centuries of masculine perfection. When it is time to perform I am the Viking.
The mental image I conjured yesterday was similar to the picture you are looking at. Sometimes I think of the scene in Gladiator where the Germanic warriors come out of the forest, howling. Sometimes when I deadlift I visualise that I am pulling my brother up from an imminent death. Sometimes when I over-head-press I am visualising that I am Atlas pushing the World over my shoulders.
This might seem extreme to some people. However, I do not need to justify myself to anyone. My result speak for themselves. And this kind of mindset allows me to always have a reserve of strength to call upon when the situation demands it.
This is also why the cultural part is so important. If you are in the mindset of testosterone and glory; Amon Amarth and visions of illustrious forefathers you will be better prepared to disregard notions of fatigue or weakness and thus always be ready to perform physically.

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