Regarding Fat People Who Think It Is Hard


To have the audacity to say that I am not qualified to speak about losing weight or being fat is outright unacceptable. No one should have any disillusions on how I’ve created my masterpiece. I would wager a lot that I know more than the average fat person about the struggles of cravings and hunger. Difference is that I also have to make damn sure to maintain strength and performance in the gym lest I lose hard earned muscle as well. I am not taking anything away from any fat person who have managed to lose weight, on the contrary, well fvcking done. However, I will not have my hard work taken away just because I haven’t been fat. Losing the last bit of fat to get shredded while still giving all you have in the gym to hold on to your muscles, and meanwhile trying to not think about the cravings you are having. Or going to bed hungry or getting up for your powerwalk, that is hard.
I am sorry (not sorry) for not showing more respect towards fat people who refuse to change. I know it is hard, difference is that many people who are fat think it is so hard for them but it is actually not as hard it is for others.
I usually do not talk about this because I don’t want any sympathy (because that is for weak people), however when someone have the fvcking audacity to say that I don’t know what it is like. I know exactly what it is like, I even know more what it is like, so to those fat people who say I don’t know what it is like: No, YOU don’t know what it is like.
And for the love of the Allfather, stop with this victim mentality. Life isn’t fair, deal with it.

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  1. Fat people; especially those who whine or find excuses to give up, likely have hormonal deficits or imbalances sapping their Will to achieve. It may be a good video topic describing some your challenges, as you’ve gotten your bodyfat to single digits, and your strategies to overcome them. Something like, “This is what you will face at different stages, and this is what I did at each stage. These strategies may work for you as well.” It’s not just acts of Will; Planning, eating enough of the right food, meal timing, macros change, distractions (gaming, reading), sleeping with a pillow under your belly, fasted exercise. Your methods. You collected them and made them work for you.

    • Oh yes, removal of tempation! That’s one if the biggest strategies. I once trapped myself for eight months where my only way to get to and from work or stores was to walk, run or ride a bike. I rode a bike twice a day, rain or sun, and did P90X each night. And ate clean by force of circumstance, and the fact thst I only had to exert Will at the grocery store, and rarely went. If I wanted anything at all, like groceries, I had to bike some distance to get it And bring it back. That’s limiting. I lost 35 pounds and my muscle and conditioning dramatically improved…mostly by not having extra food around, and nothing I craved. Just nutrition.

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