Breakfast With the Dirt Cult by Samuel Finlay. Book Recommendation

I have just read Breakfast With the Dirt Cult by Samuel Finlay. It is based upon a real story and contains great elements of humour yet at the same time contains many a solid and profound truths regarding the post-modern world, including globalism and feminism. It is written by an American veteran and thus contributes with an interesting perspective in regard to how the American elite deals with the regular people that makes up most of their armed forces. On the one hand these people are needed to fill their ranks yet at the same time takes the back-seat in domestic affairs. It becomes quite clear why these regular American citizens are fed up with the politicians of the establishment and see Donald Trump as the best candidate (that there are people that do not support Trump is beyond me).
However, the most interesting aspect of the book is its critique against perhaps the greatest disease of the post-modern world: feminism. Written as a sort of tragic love story it gives voice to some harsh truths that men of this day and age have to deal with. Being raised in a traditional sense these truths can be hard to deal with and many guys do indeed have a rude awakening to it. Feminism, as Finlay so eloquently put it, has made a fine job of bringing out the worst in women. And this is true, as it has become quite apparent in the West with its declining morals and the total disintegration of normal relations between the sexes. Feminism is an extremely dangerous opponent, because it strikes at the bedrock of civilization; the family. A nation can indeed withstand assaults from an exterior foe and survive, alas when it is destroyed from within, it can be hard to recover. The West’s survival is to a large extent dependant upon its ability to defeat feminism and re-instate traditional family values, especially the natural authority of the father.

There are too many profound quoted to be included in this article but below is one that also deals with feminism, alas this time not in relation to the destruction of the family but in regard to the general liberal mind-set that is also plaguing the West at the moment.

– “Yeah but if it was something she really wanted to do and felt like it would make her happy?
– As her father, I’d be a damn sight more concerned about her survival than her happiness. After all, this is war we’re talking about, Amy. People killin’ and dyin’. A girl marchin’ around in a beret and carrying a rifle, and getting fucked by PT studs is all fine and dandy till she gets blown the fuck up and her brains are paintin’ the road and her ovaries are scattered all over some Third World Shithole, or she gets captured and gang-raped in the dirt from hell-to-breakfast.”

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  1. Feminism really is like cancer, like Milo Yannopoulos says. A marxist ideology that has completely destroyed families. Check this new, horrible video by Julie Bindel (yes, the lesbian d=feminist who said she wants to put all men in concentration camps):
    How do you fight against this massive amount of lies? How do you stop these people from trashing marriage and men (and ultimately, women and society)? In Italy where I come from, feminism took much longer to establish thanks to the presence of strong Catholic values. My grandmother admired, loved and respected her husband and her father and recognized them as leaders, but my mother was a hippie in the ’60s and is yet today a socialist and a feminist, pro-abortion and all.
    I cannot stand what has been done to men in particular, especially because in the West we have the most honorable men in the world and they are never recognized nor appreciated. The book you recommend seems interesting. Women don’t understand that enemies do exist. They get in the military to prove a point or out of spite and then they put themselves and the lives of their fellow soldiers in even more danger. It’s like to them it’s just a game.
    The first thing to do for us women is to this (, in my opinion. But I as a woman need to do more. You seem to have found a way to help society through your videos, I need something I can do too.

    On another note, what are your thoughts on Milton Friedman? His work has blown my mind, but apparently in Canada, sociology classes don’t even let students read his books…
    Trump has made it and his nomination speech yesterday was amazing. The way he defends and appreciates farmers and coal workers, the way he deals with the press (did you hear the outraged female journalist shouting at him “That’s offensive! very offensive!” when he used the name “Pocahontas” to refer to fake-native fraud Sen. Elizabeth Warren? Pathetic), what he says about removing regulations that stop businesses from thriving, the fact he understands the need for small government and how he wants to protect the border is amazing, how can anybody be against him?

  2. Due to the fact that the USA is basically owned by the ultrazionistic Saudi regime (read The Star And The Sword by Wayne Madsen) and that the US military therefore is waging the Saudi wars of agression and destabilization of the Middle East IN ORDER TO CREATE PUSH FACTORS FOR SUNNI RAPEFUGEES AND TO DUMP THEM IN EUROPE, thus artificially stabilizing the Dollar by genociding the native Eurozone white people, I cannot have any empathy with any US veteran! Of course they get lied to by their corrupt private federal reserve regime ,of course their daughters or sisters are being targeted by feminism in order to reduce the white US population, because any white persons looks might remind some ADL/SPLC agents of “blond Nazis”, of course many US veterans will die very painfully from the depleted uranium,the cancerogenic vaccinations and so forth. The US soldiers /veterans, whose abbreviation GI (Government Issues) is very telling, chose to sell their soul (in case they ever had one) to the Ultra Saudistic Agglomerate.
    Some of them might reap what they sowed. Many commit suicide when they actually realised whom they served. Others die of cancer,from PTSD or their children are being born with monstrous deformities beyond imagination .
    At best the “proud” US marines will wear high heels and salute before some LGBTI amputee lesbian polite commissar of the Pentagon.
    Thanks a lot for growing the opium,for forcefeeding Monsanto (MonsNato?) to the Europeans,for flooding Europe with Saudi indoctrinated rapefugees, for gangstarap, for subliminal Nickelodeon pedophilia, for destroying VW and for every Holocaust memorial in Europe. We owe the US veterans SO MUCH!!! After all they are the military enforcers of those US policies . The US did all that for their Saudi masters.
    I think it is time that Russia and China might do something for Aztlan….

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