My Recommended Podcasts

Below are some podcasts I recommend for optimal wisdom gains. I listen to episodes of the following during my walks or if I am walking to the gym. Please note that these podcasts and the content in them do not necessarily always align with my opinions, whether it is in regard to training, philosophy or politics. Alas this matters not since “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

Red Ice Radio
Discussing a wide variety of (often) controversial topics. In depth discussions and analyses regarding important and interesting issues. Highly recommended. I can also recommend that you get a membership for Red Ice Radio as it will allow you access to both hours of each discussion. I am not affiliated with them but recommend it solely on the quality of the program. Henrik, the host, has 10 years experience and is thus an excellent host and an overall great guy.

Interview with yours truly in addition to Master Chim (mentioned below) and Paul Waggener

The Pressure Project
The Pressure Project by Justin Garcia and his co-host Whiteboy Pat discusses strength, power, masculinity, and topics relating to current events and social issues. Justin has a great mindset; totally void of any sort of acceptance for weakness or victimhood, and with the full focus on acquiring power for yourself and your tribe. Recommended listening both for the athlete and the entrepreneur. The philosophical aspects are important in any endeavour that relies upon yourself. This is a good podcast to listen to when walking to the gym.

RightOn Radio
A new and welcomed initiative by RightOn is a website for the Real Right that is making its return in the heartlands of Europe. The quality of the discussions are high and will surely bring new insights into the situation in Europe. Whereas there are many good Alt-Right podcasts that focus on the American situation RightOn focuses a bit more on Europe itself. The host Daniel Friberg has written the book The Real Right Returns which is a great starting point for refuting the Cultural Marxist narrative. The two other hosts, John Morgan and Jonas de Geer are also two very intellectually gifted and interesting individuals with plenty of insightful thoughts. In order to arm yourself intellectually this podcast is a must.

Interview with yours truly:

Den Kokta Grodan
This is a recommendation for my Swedish friends (as it is in Swedish). The Boiled Frog is co-hosted by Swedish hero Gustav Kasselstrand and the focus is politics with a good amount of humour. I have genuinely laughed in every single episode so far. If you are Swedish and interested in politics (as I suppose you are) this podcast is also highly recommended.

This is also a recommendation for my Swedish friends. Motgiftmåndag is the main program of the week where the hosts discuss recent events and relevant issues. This is a very broad podcast in terms of topics, this program also has a good amount of humour in it. The hosts, Magnus Söderman, Dan Eriksson, and Jonas de Geer (again) all have plenty of valuable insights and also have a good internal dynamic, which is why the podcast is so popular. Essential listening for the Swedish Nationalist.

Europa Terra Nostra Podcast
The legends from Motgift does this podcast in English which focuses on European nationalist politics. Highly recommended for a good insight into the political system in addition to sound analyses regarding the predicament of the West!

Fash the Nation

Radix Journal Podcast


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