Sunday Summary. Regarding Reduced Interaction on Social Media. Donald Trump’s Anti-Globalist Statement.

Due to various endeavours during the month of May (and early June), I will reduce the amount uploads on my Facebook and Instagram. I will also be a bit less interactive, something you might probably already have noticed: my Facebook inbox is full of unread messages, in addition to various comments and questions on my various social media. For those who are reading these words (which is far from everyone unfortunately); I hope you understand my predicament. It is not the case that I am above answering questions, it is simply a matter of time. Were I to answer all questions and comments I would have little time for other things. As it is right now I have to complete a thesis in economic history and have thus decided to reduce the time spent on interacting and posting on my various pages. Furthermore I have temporarily made the Online Coaching unavailable. The reason for this is that writing training- and nutrition plans for clients takes time and effort and I do not want my academic endeavours and my work with clients to impede on each other. So the game-plan is simply to get the academic part done and then re-open the coaching when I can give it my full focus.
However, I will continue with the regular frequency of YouTube uploads, which means somewhere around three videos per week. Moreover in regard to the videos I have extremely many topics that I want to elaborate on, this also explains why I have been making less Wednesday Q&As the last few months (simply because when a good opportunity to make a video arises I already have a topic to discuss).
So, to conclude, I will be less active and interactive during the month of May but will try to make videos!

In other news Donald Trump keeps on bringing hope and joy to righteous individuals around the world. The thought of an American President who does not want to bow down to the warmongering Globalist powers is extremely thrilling! I have written a great deal about Trump in previous articles but I think it is worth mentioning the good deeds he is doing as often as possible. He is an extremely important and positive factor for us who adheres to righteous ideals. And it is likewise joyous to behold the panic in the leftist establishment as the Trump Train continues forward.


Speaking of Trump it might be prudent to include this highly glorious quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero. It is truly words to live by. Everyone knows that Trump is right in his views and suggested policies; you might become unpopular by stating this, but at least you know that you are doing the right thing. And it is thus a thing of glory!

And lastly, yes I will continue with the Sunday Summaries/Weekly Articles!

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