Sunday Summary. Regarding Reduced Interaction on Social Media. Donald Trump’s Anti-Globalist Statement.

Due to various endeavours during the month of May (and early June), I will reduce the amount uploads on my Facebook and Instagram. I will also be a bit less interactive, something you might probably already have noticed: my Facebook inbox is full of unread messages, in addition to various comments and questions on my […]

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Why Lesser Minds Do Not Support Donald Trump. A Perspective On Cultural Marxism

Apparently, there are still people who do not support Donald Trump and thus I take it upon myself to elaborate on the matter in the simplest terms possible. The American establishment is highly destructive. Trump is not part of, nor owned by said establishment, which makes him a direct threat and opponent to the establishment. It is […]

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German-Russian Friendship, Ukraine, ISIS, Trump. MyProtein. Conor McGregor. House of Cards

Although the crisis in Ukraine hasn’t made its way to the news headlines in a while it does not mean that all is well and good there. To gain a deeper understanding of the conflict is prudent to analyse the geopolitical situation of Ukraine. The nation is located between two economic superpowers. That of Germany and […]

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