Why Lesser Minds Do Not Support Donald Trump. A Perspective On Cultural Marxism

Apparently, there are still people who do not support Donald Trump and thus I take it upon myself to elaborate on the matter in the simplest terms possible. The American establishment is highly destructive. Trump is not part of, nor owned by said establishment, which makes him a direct threat and opponent to the establishment. It is my sincere belief that we can all agree upon the notion that the American establishment is destructive. For those who, for some strange reason, do not agree with this, I can only encourage a deeper study of the last 25 years, starting with the elder Bush (war in the Middle East), followed by the Clintons (carved up former Yugoslavia), followed by the younger Bush (set Afghanistan and Iraq aflame), followed by Obama (set Libya and Syria aflame). This establishment has furthermore done its best to further push Russia into a position of weakness, the war in Ukraine is a classic example of such strategies. Being part of the establishment does not mean that you have to be part of a certain political party or even a party at all. If anyone harbours such foolish notions it is easy to point out the fact that of the above mentioned Presidents two has been Democrats and two has been Republicans. Another good example of someone who is part of the establishment, without even being American, is George Soros, who have supported the terror organisation Black Lives Matter, funded the bloody civil war in Ukraine, and funded the mass immigration into Europe. His latest effort in the war against the Western world is to lend financial aid in an endeavour to stop Donald Trump. He is only one example of a member of the elite being terrified of Trump at the moment. Not choosing Trump will mean continued chaos in the Middle East and continued hostilities towards Russia. I am certain that most people who realise this supports Trump.
Now you ask: Why are there still regular people who do not support Donald Trump? It is a good question. The simplest answer is; they just do not know any better. I realise full well that this sounds quite condescending, but it is the truth.

As a matter of academic interest, we can perform a brief analysis of the Plebeian mind in order to understand their hostile attitudes to Trump. We will turn to the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt:
“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” 
The small minds mentioned above are extremely vulnerable to Cultural Marxism. The reason for this is that the lesser mind, i.e. the Pleb, relates everything to him- or herself. In sharp contrast to the Glorious Individual who gaze upon the world from a higher and more enlightened view-point. Although, I suspect most of my readers are already familiar with the Great Enemy; Cultural Marxism it bears elaborating on briefly in order to tie this example in neatly.
Cultural Marxism can be described as an ideology of conflict, based upon the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed. The oppressor is always the White straight man. There are tremendous amounts of various oppressed minorities. Even White women is seen as an oppressed group and thus they must revolt against the oppressor; the White man. Non-Whites are oppressed by Whites and thus a non-White man is below a White woman in the victim/oppression- ladder. And the reason that you will not hear feminists talk about the rapidly increasing sexual attacks in Europe (primarily in Germany and Sweden), is because the aggressors; Muslim men, are beneath White women in the oppression ladder. According to Cultural Marxism White women cannot be victims of non-White men due to this hierarchy. This makes it quite clear that feminism is a weapon aimed against the traditional West, and is not in the least concerned with the well being of women. Those who still harbours such childlike delusions deserve nothing else than to be mocked. No matter how many young girls get gang-raped by invaders, there will never be a reaction from Western feminists. Because their battle is against the White man (i.e. overcoming their oppressor); not a battle for the empowerment of women.

Switching over the perspective to the American case, the White man is personified by Donald Trump and since the Plebian mind has been heavily indoctrinated in the falsehoods of Cultural Marxism it views the world in terms of this victim/oppression-ladder.
Another important aspect to take into consideration before completing the analysis is the crucially differentiating mind-set between the Plebian and the Glorious Individual. Any of my valiant legionnaires, those who have accepted the Glorious Pill, would rather see death than view themselves as victims. No matter gender, ethnicity, or sexuality they are immune to the poison of Cultural Marxism due to their refusal to play the victim-game (individuals of strength reject the corrupting poison of weakness). An interesting side-note here is that strong individuals are usually not left-leaning in regard to issues promoted by Cultural Marxism. This is why you will see many effete men rejecting traditional values.

Let us now answer the question: Why does lesser minds harbour a resentment towards the only reasonable presidential candidate? Because they see themselves as oppressed by him. They are weak-minded due to growing up in a culture of weakness and have thus not rejected the victim-narrative. Furthermore, they see themselves as individuals in said ladder and take everything personally, in the foolish belief that they as an individual matter; the lesser mind sees itself as the centre of the universe.
That is the reason they do not see things in terms of logical arguments or what is best for the nation, but rather in terms of identity politics (who is oppressed by who). The lesser mind that sees itself as oppressed view the mere existence of the oppressor (Trump) as offensive; thus they must utter their incomprehensibly and infantile opinions of him (commenting on his hair or other insignificant details).

To conclude; the lesser mind does not support Donald Trump because it is more concerned with its own place in the victim-hierarchy (or not being seen as supporting this hierarchy, because they do not want to be called racist or other nonsensical terms) and less concerned with actual policies, such as stability in the International arena or unrestricted illegal immigration.

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