Hierarchy. Cultural Marxism vs Traditionalism

Understanding hierarchy and why it is a good thing is of paramount importance when rejecting the faulty world view of Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism dictates that hierarchy is a means of unjust oppression, where each group lower in hierarchy must revolt against the group above. A prime example of this view is that women must […]

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Why Lesser Minds Do Not Support Donald Trump. A Perspective On Cultural Marxism

Apparently, there are still people who do not support Donald Trump and thus I take it upon myself to elaborate on the matter in the simplest terms possible. The American establishment is highly destructive. Trump is not part of, nor owned by said establishment, which makes him a direct threat and opponent to the establishment. It is […]

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What is a Beta Leftist?

Long post but also my most important one to date, so I implore you to keep reading.   A Beta Leftist isn’t necessarily even politically aware. What the concept of a beta leftist is about is rather the character of the individual. To clarify my own political stance I have full respect for the workers […]

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