What is a Beta Leftist?

Long post but also my most important one to date, so I implore you to keep reading.


A Beta Leftist isn’t necessarily even politically aware. What the concept of a beta leftist is about is rather the character of the individual. To clarify my own political stance I have full respect for the workers who bravely fought for better conditions for themselves and their families during the two latest centuries. I embrace a wide variety of ideas that stem from the workers movement and progressive thought.
The problem is that something that was once beautiful has now, by the twisted creatures that was created during the 68-revolution, been transformed to something that is nothing but destructive.

Let us first and foremost discuss feminism. As a nationalist I stand firmly opposed to any ideology that strives to drive a wedge between natural social constructions, such as family and love. Any threat against the family will be met by fierce resistance by me. In modern feminist thought a ‘strong’ woman is in no need of a man. And the male reaction becomes that a ‘strong’ man is in no need of a woman. I think love is something of incredible beauty and greatly enhances the lives of both men and women. Now I know someone is bound to call me gay, but in doing so that someone is taking the exact same stance as the feminists. Nature dictates that men and women bring out the best in each other. Just as brothers bring out the best in each other. A man should be loyal to his brother, and his brother must be loyal to him. A man must take care of his woman by manly virtues, such as being protective and leading. A woman must by the same token take care of her man, by female virtues, such as tenderness and love.
Love (just as brotherhood) must always be about bringing out the best in each other, being an unyielding rock in a world of chaos, having each others backs, standing up for each other.
A healthy relationship must never be about inner power struggles.
Modern feminist thought dictates that women must free themselves from men by being independent, that family is something that shackles the women and making them submit to men.
In a healthy family, the mother has great power. I can take myself as an example, I would NEVER do anything to voluntarily disrespect my mother, and I do anything I can to make her (and my father) proud.
There are plenty of examples of how boys growing up without a father become troublesome and disrespectful towards their mothers. This is another example of how the modern feminist thought is harmful to society. A father is just as important to a child. A good stable family with a mother and a father is the most beneficial for the future generations. Feminism stand against family, I stand against feminism.


Let us now discuss the phenomenon of ‘White Guilt’.
This is another idea springing forth from extreme leftists, that Whites should feel guilty about history. The educational system is formed in a way to emphasise only the bad things committed by European nations. This rhetoric is only valid as long as regular men have been feminised. Feminised in the sense that they no longer put emphasis on manly virtues such as strength and dominance. Back during the Viking Age my forefathers were feared, during the Swedish Imperial Age, when Gustavus Adolphus stomped the ground, Europe trembled. These men were true role models, strong men with ambition, not a group of betas afraid to ask a girl out on a date. I laugh in the face of anyone who think I feel guilt when I wear my Hammer of Thor or a Christian Cross. I am very proud of our past. The only guilt I feel is how Europe (or America) is looking today.
If you adhere to manly virtues you should embrace strength and be ashamed of weakness. Being a victim is beta as can be.
When the traditional role models are being taken away, young men will look elsewhere for men to look up to and model themselves after. Which is why many White young men will look to degenerate cultural aspects present. Degenerate sub-cultures such as the American “Gangsta”-culture, where mistreating women is a virtue and intellectual endeavours are laughed at.
Setting this against the greatness of the Roman Empire it creates a sharp contrast. The Romans did not apologize for their strength and I think we should all draw inspiration from what made them so great: Strength, honour, discipline, respect for your elders, respect for intellectual AND martial prowess. The Book AND the Sword.
So long story short, do not be ashamed of the greatness of your forefathers. Be only ashamed of your own weakness.


Let us now discuss the term ‘racist’.
The term is levelled against people who express love to their own nation. I label myself as an Etnopluralist, which means that I believe in true diversity throughout the World. I want Sweden to be Swedish, Ireland to be Irish, India to be Indian, China to be Chinese. A lot of people mistake being a White nationalist for hatred of others, this is far from the truth. I, who love my dear old Europe can see the beauty of it. This also enables me to see the beauty of other cultures, for those of you who have been following my teachings for some time know that I greatly admire and respect the rich history of India and a lot of thoughts stemming from both Japan and China. I also respect and admire the greatness of the ancient Persians, traditional enemies of Greece .
So I also laugh in the face of those who call me a racist in the belief that I do not actually have true friends from all over the World, everyone sympathetic to my struggle. In recognising the greatness of my own people I can also see the greatness of other peoples and a mutual respect can emanate.
A love for your own ethnicity, culture and history does not mean you cannot admire or respect others, on the contrary, true respect can only be attained and given if you respect yourself.


So what is a Beta Leftist?

A Beta Leftist is someone who does not put emphasis on traditional values and who does not respect himself or his nation.
For an Alpha Nationalist the following things are of great importance whereas they are not to the Beta Leftist.

– Family
– Strength, Honour, Loyalty
– True Love, men and women brining forth the best in each other
– Respect for hierarchy, respect for your parents and your elders
– Intellectual and martial prowess, both are equally important
– Brotherhood, a sense of belonging
– Dominance, women are attracted to it, not submissiveness

So to conclude, a Beta Leftist is what the new standard for a man is becoming, the new rootless mass versus the heroes and men of older times. Being a Beta Leftist is the easy path, being an Alpha Nationalist takes hard work and unwavering dedication. The reward, however, and now I speak from my own experience, is worth every single day and night of hard work.


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