Sunday Summary


Another week of de-load and light training, as was my plan. The gym video (thumbnail above) I released shows pretty well what I’ve been up to in the gym as of late. Nothing hard or heavy. That will all change next week though, when I finally return to the squat rack and start another cycle of Russian Squat Routine, I will calculate this on 220 kg instead of 230 kg to not get ahead of myself. I will have to give it my all either way. I will still do light benching with higher repetitions (around 10) one or two or more weeks before I start Smolov JR again. This is in order to not push the limits as to how much stress my shoulders can take. Going for higher reps is not all bad either, considering the glorious pump you get!
My bodyweight has actually gone up as well to 105 kg, which is a result of a higher intake of natures own gainer, aka milk! I will show my Ultra Bulk Smoothie of Gains in a coming Gains Kitchen episode, which by the way genuinely tastes good, as opposed to my Health Smoothie for Alphas.
I might as well mention it here; Main ingredients are, milk, whey, bananas, frozen blue berries.

In other news I have created another menu here on this page called Gaming ( where I have my PC specs and also a list of the mods I am using for Skyrim and Total War: Rome 2. I will update this page when I start a new game or when I get new gaming gear etc.
Also regarding this the software I am using for my videos are Adobe Premier Pro and Sony Movie Studio.
The coming week will see some more training footage and also more let’s plays (as I’ve made more regular videos of late).

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