Real Talk on Victimization of a Fat Girl

Time for some real talk.
First of all, I can’t imagine how she must feel, needless to say I don’t think she is in a happy place. I would say that she is a victim, but not only a victim from peoples hurtful words. She is a victim of her own attitude and if we go deeper in the chain of events she is a victim of the modern leftist view of humans. This trend is noticeable in the whole society. Almost everyone is a victim oppressed by the evil patriarchy, instead of looking at the individual and drawing conclusions from the persons own behaviour it is always the case that someone else is responsible. In applying this logic to people who have harder lives it grants them excuses as to not better themselves and strive higher. Life is not fair, that is just the way it is. Some people are born in environments with higher propensity for criminality or (as in this case) some people are born with a high propensity for obesity. Even though one’s own genetics and environment is determining to how you will be formed, every human being still has the choice to accept this fate or to let their own will overcome it.
Nature and life is what it is. If you are an alcoholic, drug addict, obese etc you cannot appeal to Mother Nature’s benevolence.
I understand that the girl in the picture has been mistreated, but I still can’t stop myself from being angry with her.
Yes, she is a product of modern, decadent, leftist thought, but at the same time she is at the end of the day solely responsible for her own actions. As is everyone else.
Perhaps it is the case that person X did not get hired because he or she was not good enough, and not because person X is this or that. The same thing can be applied to the girl in the picture, she is obese because she eats at a surplus. It is not the evil patriarchy that makes her eat at a surplus, it is her own actions.
Defeatist attitudes and constant self-victimisation will lead you nowhere. Everyone is not born equal, accept it, make the best of the situation. Time wasted lamenting the malevolence of life is better spent actually doing something to change it.

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