Viktor Orbán is a Hero. Training Update. European Cultural Aesthetics: Witcher 3. New Clothing Designs

First and foremost it is of paramount importance to discuss the individual who might be Europe’s most valiant hero at the moment. Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is a champion of the people and a torn in the side of the political establishment of the West. A great irony is that the former Soviet nations are the ones that were the most shielded form the toxic influence of Cultural Marxism. Soviet Communism may have set the Eastern countries back in terms of economy, but it didn’t leave them a legacy of self-hate and a burning desire to see your own people go extinct. The genocidal policies of the West have only come about after decades of heavy indoctrination and self-loathing. Since the Eastern European nations were more shielded form this, they are now much more resilient in the face of this invasion. Viktor Orbán is not willing to let his people become a minority in its own country and he have the support of the people in that regard, the people who have not been brainwashed into hating themselves.
I am highly unsure that Viktor will read this article but just in case: On behalf of the rest of Europe, we thank you. If it were up to the peoples of the Western European nations via a direct vote to decide if the mass invasion should be allowed to continue I am 100% certain that the overwhelming majority would say no. So thank you for taking the battle against these genocidal madmen.
Moreover, before we leave the topic of Orbán, it might be prudent to admonish the Hungarians that are not voicing their support for the man. I am not saying that he is perfect, I understand that he has flaws and that some of his policies might not have been optimal, however I urge you to realise how much more important a Hungarian Hungary is than some welfare reform (or whatever insignificant change being made that doesn’t have any real impact).


In regard to the training I have had two really arduous sessions, both included in the Russian Squat Routine. I have elaborated on the RSR before but to briefly do so again it is a six-week program with very high intensity aiming at increasing your 1RM with roughly 10 kg. What your max attempt is at the end of the six weeks is up to yourself. According to the calculations it is 237,5 kg alas I will round it up to a neat 240 kg for optimal glory. Due to the high intensity (in this case many really heavy sessions on end) I recommend only doing this routine a few times a year, preferably when you are bulking. The two sessions mentioned above was 6 x 6 at 180 kg and 5 x 5 at 192,5 kg. The next step is 4 x 4 at 202,5, which (at least in my case) will be easier. The heavier weight will not be more taxing than the extra sets and repetitions. Also, I have actually done 5 repetitions at 200 kg last Summer. Video link. So hopefully this will not be all too hard!
Furthermore I haven’t trained MMA for two weeks now in order to focus on the weights for a bit. Next week however I am back at it. After all, it is tantamount to sacrilege to not indulge in some sort of violence during the month of the war god, Mars (Ares in Hellenic).


Although I will make a separate video on the Witcher 3 and why I love it (seriously, what an awesome game!), I thought to take this opportunity as well to elaborate on an aspect which I found incredibly joyous. Namely the aesthetics of the game, the banners, clothing, armour are all very glorious and very European (everything about the game is very European, including the stories which are steeped in folk-lore).
Speaking of designs and garments you might have noticed that I have retracted several items from the webshop on this page. This is due to incoming new designs and garments. My main inspiration for my clothing line (sounds a bit pretentious but that is basically what it is, at least the start of it), is medieval European heraldry and seeing it so richly portrayed in the Witcher was very inspirational. I aim at releasing the new clothes within a month and I see this (as I do with all things) as a long term project and I aim for the heavens (yet again as with all things) so hopefully more clothes and designs will come along during the coming time!

I will leave you with an incredibly beautiful Irish song to lift your spirit should the motivation falter in the coming week. European culture and identity is worth fighting for! Also, picture of a castle for additional medieval feels!

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Epic castle tower in good old Ireland! 👑🍀

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