Norway Prepares for Swedish Collapse. Trump Continues to Win! George Soros, the Enemy.

Breaking news from Sweden’s western neighbour Norway states that Norway will sway from the Geneva convention if Sweden collapses and will use violence to defend its borders once Sweden declines into chaos. Furthermore the statement makes clear that Norway is preparing for the worst.
This might seem shocking for those who haven’t been following the developments in Sweden during the last few years. For those who are politically aware, however, this is hardly news. It is more a matter of when than if.
When gazing upon Scandinavia from a foreign perspective one might think that Sweden is the only of the countries that has become touched by the genocidal madness (i.e. replacing its own population). However, the truth is that Norway and Denmark is not far behind in terms of problems rooted in the multicultural hell-project. The main difference is that both Norway and Denmark have woken up earlier. Sweden’s great awakening is in full swing only recently (late 2015 and forward). What makes this fact so interesting is that there is a nation (Norway) severely ravaged by Cultural Marxism and all the terrors of the multi-cultural hell project is taking a clear stance against what is going on in Sweden. This means that even another Western liberal cuck nation sees that the situation is unsustainable in Sweden. It is one thing for an intellectually honest individual to point this out, it is a completely different thing for another cucked nation to do it.


Now onto more joyous news. One of the greatest hopes (if not the greatest) for the Western world, Donald Trump, is continuing his glorious campaign with great success. The picture above describes in a hilarious yet perfect way the main stream media reacts to his success. Donald Trump is the candidate of the people, unlike the other candidates who are puppets of their respective financiers, most notably Ted Cruz and his affiliation with Goldman Sachs. Speaking of bought presidential candidates, the incredibly awkward and embarrassing Jeb Bush announced that he is quitting his campaign, probably a good move since he has only made a fool out of himself during the entirety of his run. To be fair on him though he didn’t have the best chances to begin with seeing as the family reputation is quite tarnished since his brother George was part of ushering in this era of the Third World War.
Moreover, another interesting candidate on the Democratic side is Bernie Sanders, economic illiterate as he might be he is still opposed to some of the powers that has America in a firm grip. I will make a video in the coming days elaborating on who is the least repulsive of Bernie and Hillary. To make a short summary: Hillary is a psychopath and no one will vote for her when the day of the vote comes, you can only fake being someone else for so long. She will let her mask slip more than once before this is over.


Lastly in this summary I would like to highlight one of the fiercest and most formidable enemies of Europe. None other than the infamous George Soros. Soros has made his immense fortune by investing in stock (not as in long term growth but more like a predatory day trader) in addition to attacking other nation’s currencies (generating great economic damage), which has caused him to be quite unpopular in certain nations (primarily in South-East Asia). A genuinely wicked man, he is also determined to further the ongoing ethnic replacement the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.
Why I thought to elaborate on this right now is that he has recently suggested that European Union should borrow vast amounts of money to further finance the ethnic replacement (my words, not his). Lastly he has also funded the Black Lives Matter movement.

Interesting times lie upon us. Now we need to step up the game and meet them head on!
Onwards to glory!

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    • In case Donald Trump is honest about releasing the censored 9/11 pages which are detrimental for Saudi Arabia I have no doubt that he will be assassinated by Mossad. Also I doubt that his Vice presidential sidecick Sarah Palin is a good choice. I can remember her being the vice pres candidate of the monstrous saudi- turkish lobbyist John Mc Cain in 2008.
      Regarding Norway, its obviously good news that the Norwegians have at least found half their brain (wanting to fight the invasion from “Sweden”). It would be better if they could go the whole way- I mean leaving the North Atlantic Terrorturks Organization ( Nato) , this genocidal Death Cult of the Ultra Saudi Agglomerate (USA). Instead, some Norwegians are proud of their polish-zionist. Nato Secretary J Stoltenberg. When Russoans, Kurds and Armenians are forced to defend against new genocidal attacks from the asiatic (!) power Turkey, will Stoltenberg then say that according to the Nato Charta ” a european ally has been attacked”?
      Allies= All lies!

      • I want to add that literally all the police and military forces between Greece and Sweden (Greeks, Macedonians,Serbs,Croats,Slovenians,Austrians,German)have been transformed into Trafficking Organisations to complete the smuggling process of the sunni invaders. They are nothing else than Mafia subgroups of the Natosultan Erdogan. They are the new janitshars. When the Turks invaded tge Balkans from 1500-1683, they used to rob little Boys, ritually raped them and turned them into their elite forces to be used against their own or against other european ethnicities. Today, the pedophile EU gendermainstream programs begin with kindergarten children. Can you imagine that any of these vaccinated,estrogen mimickered and gendermainstreamed children could have any vital resistence force against sunni invaders, when of course ” antiracism” is an important part of their pedo EU pedigree? Todays white European children are being groomed to be either Harem sex slaves or janitshars.
        You got to educate as many policemen and soldiers and young parents as you can.
        Dear Golden One, being a Godly Man, you have to be charismatic and wise and vigorous. Your hands must be able to smash the pedo trash, but also to heal your beloved people. I pray to you!

  1. I am still a little worried.

    There is still a huge amount of beta leftists here in Norway. All of the media, comedians, tv-hosts (people with influence in general), most of other politicians, even my co workers, my neighbours etc.. are against the more restrictive politics from our government. People with more sane opinions are humiliated, made fun of or excluded.

    They all want us to become like Sweden. The problem is that most of the left/socialists for some weird reason are embracing islam and multi culturalism in general.

    I am actually a socialist my self and am all for free health care, universal income for the people, protecting mother nature against pollution, animal rights etc, but I cant vote for someone who wants us to become an islamic state. The irony is that the feminists and cultural marxists would be the first to be executed if we had sharia laws.

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  4. George Soros looks like a hobgoblin, not even human… brutal. By the way Golden One, we’ll give you a trident and some gladiator armor and put you in the coliseum with Soros one day after we win… you can do the honors for us.

  5. You have a typo: ‘this might seem chocking for those’.

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