Is Online Coaching Worth It?

If you are reading through my Online Coaching page you are probably wondering if the investment is worth it or not. Since it is a good question I thought to write this article to clarify a few things that might be good to know before deciding upon any of the services.

There are two factors that I deem very important for a successful client. First of all that you are committed, that you are ready to adhere to the plan as well as possible. I am not saying that you have failed utterly should you miss a session or a week, things like that happen. What I mean is that you should, if nothing unpredicted (sickness etc) comes in between be fully willing to train the amount of days set out in the plan. If you for whatever reason are forced to reduce the amount of training days we set out with originally, just let me know and we will alter the schedule to accommodate for that. Communication and honestly is of utmost importance, which leads me to my second point.

The more updated I am on a client’s progress, the easier it is for me to make appropriate adjustment to the set-up (in terms of weights used or amount of food eaten etc). That is why I am adamant about weekly or bi-weekly check-ins, to put it simply: the better our communication is, the better I can adjust the plan.

Furthermore, each plan is made with the purpose of progressing in the gym. The progression rate, exercises, frequency and the plan in general is derived from the information I receive from you. What I try to do with each plan is to make is as effective as possible. Effective in the sense that you progress as fast as possible for as long as possible. With that in mind I strive to make the sessions hard, not for the sake of hardness itself, but in order to stimulate increased size and strength. Getting those extra repetitions during the squat session or increasing the weight in the deadlifts will be hard and heavy. Since the each plan has a progression for each exercise there will be a lot of tough sessions and this is also my goal. So be prepared to give your all!

Lastly, you should view Online Coaching as a learning process, a great physique cannot be built in just 12 weeks, however, if you see it as an opportunity to learn as much as possible along the way you will be equipped to deal with similar situations on your own later on and hopefully I will help set you on a path which you can follow for years to come. A great physique takes years of consistent training to achieve!

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