Western Civilization Bites Back. Book Recommendation


I have just had the pleasure of reading this profound Tome of Wisdom. It is a collection of speeches by the legendary Jonathan Bowden. I am currently in the works of setting together a “The Glorious Pill Reading List” (which is what I think I will name the list), and this book will definitely be on that list.
The most noteworthy merits of the book is Bowden’s total rejection of the Cultural Marxist narrative; especially in regard to equality. Equality for Bowden is as unnatural and untruthful as it gets and the way he elaborates on it is sure to awaken plenty of people schooled in leftist thought.
The other aspect that is of great importance, and this is true for quite a lot of new Rightists, is to understand the importance of culture and its role for the strength of the nation, tribe, or people.
If you are interested in cultural side of the metaphysical war this is a must read book!

Available at www.logik.se

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