Glorious Victory for Mother Evropa


1 Comments on “Glorious Victory for Mother Evropa”

  1. Despite of aniwhite racist attacks,Donald Trump finally won against the monstrous wahabibitch Hillary. Now it is time for all white people to unite against every facet of the globalist agenda, be it TTIP,Isis,the Kalergi plan mass migration or the banking system.
    Every white male with have a braincell left should stand firm against the presstitute media,against GMO, against Soros,Merkel etc, and especially against the rapefugees.
    Give them hell! Form reversed Nuremberg trials against the globalist scumbags! Disavow the globalist churches,whether protestant or catholic! Scream against them loud and hateful! Destroy the pedophile transgender agende! Be a whistleblower in case you are working for any NATO assoCIAted group ,and atone for any of your former “work”. The struggle to retake EVROPA has just begun! Rapefugees NOT welcome!
    Merkel Must fall,Draghi,Hollande,Juncker must also fall,like Hillary did. They must be brought to justice!
    We need strong,healthy,bright,reasonable leaders to have a future!
    We need godly heroes like The Golden One!

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