Beautiful Ireland. Dunlace Castle

The following pictures are taken by yours truly near the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland at Dunlace Castle. img_0604img_0610img_0612img_0613img_0617img_0618img_0620img_0624img_0631img_0633img_0637img_0639img_0643img_0644

5 Comments on “Beautiful Ireland. Dunlace Castle”

  1. How come you are still registered in Sweden if you live in Ireland? Is it becuase of the sweet Swedish social benefits?

    • What an odd comment. I receive no social benefits from Sweden.
      Moreover, please refrain from commenting on this page again.

      • But aren’t you then covered by the swedish healthcare? Also not payibg taxes in ireland

  2. Reminds you of a scene from Highlander. Beautiful photography and some well written material here on the blog. Awaiting your upcoming book.

  3. The beautiful Irish landscape matches perfectly to the heroic Irish heroes who fought bravely against the satanic British Empire. The fight must continue until Ulster is free from the pedophile NATO royals and their masonic tentacles.

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