Epic Quote by Paul Waggener

“When we choose an action in this life, it should always be the one that leads to the most glory and honor for ourselves and our chosen peers.
Weights and physical training, combatives, mental and spiritual disciplines and austerities- we do what we do in order to walk a road to greatness.
This is done by training hard enough that we may choose the most interesting paths, the most challenging actions, the endeavors with the highest risk- and conquer them. When we fail, we must have the heart and the will to rise back up, to overcome ourselves, and in so doing, become a legend.
These legends are seldom built alone- seek greatness in yourself, in your friends, and in your sources of inspiration. Never turn down good advice or be so proud or egotistical that you forget to be humble and grateful for those who have helped you along the way.”

Paul Waggener
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