The Golden One – My Great Crime – Why Leftists, Journalists and Haters Really are Hating

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My Great Crime ⚜️
I just made a video elaborating on why anyone (in this case journalists and leftists) would be hating on me. It actually has little to do with politics. It has more to do with that they can’t stand the fact that I am well liked by everyone (well except for them) whereas basically everyone hates them (they probably hate themselves as well). They fail to understand that you have to bring value to people to become popular and loved, and to be able to bring value to others you must first bring the pressure and put in hard work over a long period of time. These individuals do not want to do that, yet they feel entitled to the same popularity and love I receive. When they don’t receive that they get mad and lash out.
Anyway, I am not disheartened by any of this, as always all gallant and testosteronous men are mirin whereas the soyboys are jelly 😊

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