Men Among the Ruins – Legio Gloria

Men Among the Ruins is a book by Julius Evola and a concept I like to think about in regard to the current state of the West. Instead of viewing the decline as a source of grief, view it as unique opportunity to create a new and better culture, blending tradition with the aspects of modern culture that are glorious. MMA and gym training are two great examples of this, we are striving for physical and martial perfection (as our ancestors), it is just that we do it in a modern arena.
Traditionalism in this sense is not living exactly like our ancestors, but rather about adhering to perennial principles that guided them (such as the strive for greatness – or rather progression).
One of the goals with this clothing brand is to capture that spirit, so the tanktop you see before you is modern gym culture blended with traditional imagery (i.e. the Fleur-de-lis at the chest).

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