Dominique Verner – Epic Quote on the Iliad

Pauline Lecomte: ‘In your opinion, what is the most powerful insight presented by the Iliad?

Dominique Venner: ‘Strength and beauty. The Iliad is not just a poem about the Trojan War, it is about fate as it was understood by our Borean ancestors, whether they were Greek, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, or Latin. The poet sings about nobility in the face of war, brave heroes who kill and die, the sacrifice of those who defend their motherland, the sorrows of women, the farewell of the father to his son that lives on, the strain of old age. He sings about a great many more things: the ambitions of kings, their vanity, their quarrels. He sings about bravery and cowardice, friendship, love, and tenderness. Of the need for glory that pulls men up to the height of the gods.’

Dominique Venner – The Shock of history
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