Wisdom For The Day

Wisdom for the day ⚜
Naturally you are seeking progression in the Temple of Iron. You should also seek to make knowledge gains. Although I have a personal love for physical books, there is so much content you can absorb in the Immaterium that you don’t need to rely only on books to gain a higher level of Enlightenment. If you read articles on a daily basis you will accumulate plenty of wisdom if you keep at it for long enough.
If you want something intellectually stimulating I recommend Counter-Currents.com (I was on their podcast two weeks back as well). They have a glorious archive of articles.
Lastly, regarding the picture, Teddy is meditating upon the teachings of Julius Evola whilst guarding my treasure trove of bulking sweets.


Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 211
Sound Minds, Sound Bodies, Sound Politics:
Interview with The Golden One

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