Buy Local

Are you an Environmentalist? Are you a Nationalist? I assume that you will answer yes to at least one of the questions.
One of the best things you can do if this is the case is to start buying local to an as large extent as possible, especially when it comes to food (or other frequent purchases). For the Environmentalist who cares about Mother Earth this means a smaller carbon footprint in regard to pollution and use of energy (due to less transportation), for the Nationalist it means supporting your local economy. Moreover, eating locally grown food will more often than not ensure a more nutritious product (yet again due to less time spent in transport).
Lastly, I have nothing against global trade on a smaller scale (i.e. importing coffee etc.), but as it is right now it is taking a heavy toll on Earth in addition to endangering local farmers (Swedish farmers are currently in peril for example).
Remember that you vote with your wallet.

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