Jotunheim Nutrition

This has been a long time in the making; ever since I faced the stark choice of standing by my beliefs versus retaining a rather prosperous sponsorship. Honour and loyalty is everything so I could not back down; the choice was easy, I had to push forward and forge my own path. After many trials and hard work I am thus extremely happy to announce Jotunheim Nutrition.

Stay tuned for a high testosterone launch this June. Our plan is beautiful in its simplicity. Supply high quality supplements for the Disciples of the Iron. The philosophy for the products is straight-forward: We will not sell anything that I do not recommend – which means only legitimate products will be available, and products I will use myself. In addition to supplying high quality supplements made in Sweden, we will also aim at promoting a healthy lifestyle and a reawakening of European mythology.
Made in Sweden 🇸🇪




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