New Releases at Legio Gloria

I am very happy to present the new launch at Legio Gloria

The garments themselves are designed to fit an athletic physique, since this clothing brand is for men who place high emphasis on both the physical and mental journey upwards. The designs are high testosterone with messages against the current paradigm.

Your Ancestors Are Watching
A great reminder when looking to set the pace high (no matter your endeavour). If you know your Ancestors (or someone else you seek to make proud) are watching you; you will strive higher.
This mental technique is something that has gotten me through many a hard session both in the Temple of Iron and the Temple of Mars – it applies no matter what you do (also when it comes to resisting degeneracy).

Ride The Tiger
Traditionalist philosopher Julius Evola’s famous book restructured into an even more high Thumos concept. Still riding the tiger in the sense that you avoid being trampled underfoot by the tiger (i.e. succumbing to degeneracy etc.), but also (to a certain extent) controlling the tiger. Of course you cannot control modernity but a good example of this is how you approach the Immaterium, certain men fall for the temptation of pornography (being trampled underfoot), others manage to stay clear of it (riding the tiger in the classic sense). And a few manage to stay clear of the temptations and at the same time make full use of the treasures of the Immaterium (knowledge and communication among other things). Riding the tiger successfully means standing above the decadent aspects of the modern world yet at the same time plundering it of riches. I will elaborate on this in a coming video as I think it is a very valuable concept for us Men Among the Ruins.

Nordic Lifting Straps
These are similar to the current ones, the difference is that these are non-adjustable. Which to choose is up to personal preference. I prefer these ones.

Gym Stringer – Your Ancestors Are Watching
Same message as for the t-shirt but for a traditional gym stringer.

Valsgärde Tracksuit Bottoms
New tracksuit bottoms. The design is a bit different from the Handsome Winter ones. As the name suggest the former ones are a bit thicker and thus also warmer. The Valsgärde ones are a bit thinner and also a bit more fitted to get that classic aesthetics look. They also have pockets with zippers. Although they are quite tight in their fit they are also quite flexible, as demonstrated below.

Stay tuned for more releases in the coming time (various new garments are incoming). Follow us on Instagram @legiogloria and remember to tag with #legiogloria if you take any epic pictures.

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