November Releases For Legio Gloria

It is my great pleasure to announce the new releases for Legio Gloria and to take this opportunity to elaborate a bit on the company and the philosophy behind it.

The philosophy is beautiful in its simplicity. I want the clothes to be the best they can be, I want to aim as high as possible. I never saw any reason in settling for less. Moreover, this is a long-term endeavour, this is not about quick monetary gain (read more about that here). In fact I have yet to take out any financial assets from the company. I have reinvested everything to be able to bring out more and better products.

The clothing (the same applies for the training gear and supplements) are closely linked with my own personal honour. The absolute majority of customers are people that put their trust in me, therefore it is my sacred duty to maintain this trust. Thus it is always very satisfactory to receive praise and confirmation that this trust was well placed. This goes beyond clothing and supplements; my word is of supreme importance for everything I do. Maintaining this trust will be important for all coming endeavours as well (whatever they might be). That is why I put so much work into the company and why I view it in the long-term.

Furthermore, Legio Gloria is not only meant to be a clothing brand, it is supposed to be a lifestyle and a philosophy, a metaphysical legion if you will. There are so many young men cast adrift in the Modern World without access to many of the things our ancestors had access to; a Männerbund and a thriving local community for example, or a shared worldview with your peers. Being the only high Thumos guy among numales at the university or being surrounded by self-hating Whites or people not of your tribe can indeed be a less than enjoyable experience. Knowing that there are others in a similar situation makes it easier.

First of the releases is the long awaited re-release of the Byzantine Black Sun. The Byzantine eagle stands for European unity, something that is needed more than ever before. The Black Sun stands for a spiritual awakening, something that also is needed more than ever before. Un-Enlightened individuals might find the Black Sun controversial, so keep this in mind; wearing it also means that you must be able to back it up.

The Legio Gloria Weaponshield T-Shirt is just as the Byzantine Black Sun remade with a different cut; it is larger in the chest and the arms go a bit higher (so your guns are being shown at all times). Wear this garment with a firm gaze and a straight back.

We have also released two different rashguards. The Phoenix symbolises Evropa (Western Civilisation – or European Civilisation) reborn from the ashes of its death. The sword and book emblem symbolises the struggle for Enlightenment, both physical and metaphysical. The sword stands for the physical part and the book for the metaphysical part. The wings stand for righteousness. Both designs are meant to give you a boost in inspiration whilst training hard. I always use various mental techniques when training (in order to push myself harder – before a heavy lift or at the last rounds of sparring), these designs have a similar purpose: When you are tired – look yourself in the mirror to remind yourself that you are training for a higher purpose.

The Dragon Prince Swimming Shorts were perhaps a bit oddly timed, being released in November (perfect time for Yule/Christmas though 🙂 ). However, they took some time to get right and, yet again, since the purpose of the clothes is to be worn for a long time they will be equally testosteronous to wear come Summer – or now, if you are located in more tropical environments.
The artwork is inspired by St. Göran och Draken (St. George and the Dragon), which is a common figure in European history. The Swedish version commemorates victories over Denmark (the dragon). This version is to symbolise your victory over an enemy – whatever that enemy might be (detrimental addictions or other troubles for example).
If you think that these shorts are extremely aesthetic (which they are), but do not think you are in good enough shape yet to be worthy of wearing them; make sure to train very hard until next Summer.

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