European Symbols – Legio Gloria Releases May 2020

It is with great pleasure that I announce the new Legio Gloria releases. These have been a long time in the making and I am very happy with the final result.

Organic Cotton
I have always aimed to make Legio Gloria clothing the best it can possibly be. The cut and fit, the material, the message, the aesthetics, the feel. Everything has to be on point.
Upgrading some of the new garments to have organic cotton was a natural step in this direction. They are very comfortable and nice to the touch.

Aux Armes
This is a true Legio Gloria classic in a new design. The motive and message of the garment is meant to serve as a reminder to yourself to get a sense of urgency.
Aux Armes translates from French as ‘to arms’.

The jousting knights serves as a reminder to act chivalrously (an act of rebellion in the degeneracy modern world). It is also a homage to Medieval Europe.

Your Ancestors Are Watching
This is a great reminder when looking to set the pace high (no matter your endeavour). If you know your Ancestors (or someone else you seek to make proud) are watching you; you will strive higher. This mental technique is something that will serve you well both inside and outside of the Temple of Iron  – it applies no matter what you do.

The new edition is made with organic cotton.

Ride the White Tiger
Do not succumb to the decadence of the world around you, but steer the tiger onward to glory. The Modern World offers plenty of detrimental temptations, should you fall off the tiger you will get trampled underfoot and eaten. However, if you manage to stay on its back it can take you to ever new heights. Riding the Tiger in a life affirming manner means enjoying the ride and making the most of where the tiger can take you.

The new edition is made with organic cotton.

Ymir’s Strength Garment
Ymir – the primordial giant of Nordic mythology demands offerings in the form of strongman and powerlifting training. This is a loose fitting training garment but is comfortable to wear in all relaxed situations.

Arguably the world’s most comfortable gym shirt is now available in size small. Size small in this garment is meant to be an actual medium/large. I wear mine in large (after having it washed in a high temperature).

So if you have awaited this garment in a regular size, this is a good day!

Imperivm Evropa
The use of V instead of U is a nod to the Roman way of spelling. The statue depicted is based upon the works of the German sculptor Arno Breker and the words surrounding the statue; veritas (truth), honor (honour), ivstitia (justice) signifies values that should be upheld. The statue is a homage to Classical Europe, and this garment is designed to promote European (including America and Australia and the other former colonies) unity and pride in this legacy. Classical aesthetics such as this can be found all over Europe and is thus a good symbol to promote a much needed cultural re-awakening. When wearing this garment you should strive to become the statue; the physical representation of eternal metaphysical ideals.

Note: This is an updated version of a previous garment. The difference between the versions is that the new one has the word ‘honor’ instead of ‘honorem’, thus being more grammatically correct.

All new designs are available at

If you have read this far I wish you a great weekend ahead.


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