My Censored Instagram Post

Yesterday I posted the following to Instagram (accompanying the picture above):

“Let me tell you something.

I have only had positive experiences with Black people (both in the US and Europe). Moreover, I do not blame Blacks for taking their own side.

However, what repulses me to no end are all the self-hating Whites. Spineless cowards who refuse to stand up for their own side. There is nothing that disgusts me more than a lack of loyalty. And that is what I see in so many Whites.

Complete silence when Whites are being targeted, no matter how gruesome the acts of violence and abuse.

My issue is not with other groups, but when there is a competition for land or resources (or other matters) I will put my own bioculture first, just as I expect the other groups to do.

Remember that you do not need to bear any ill will towards other groups, but you must always be loyal to your own group.”

And today it was taken down. Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary, but I want to mention it to highlight the double-standards of social media corporations. The reason for the post being taken down was supposedly that it contained “hateful content”. You can judge for yourself if the post was hateful or not.

That being said it is not a big deal but it is worth pointing out these incidents whenever they happen.

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