The Great Launch – Legio Gloria November Releases

Amidst all the ongoing chaos in the world, Legio Gloria is going onwards and upwards at a high pace. The successes of previous launches have enabled bigger and better things.

The new woollen garment is an example of this. As I mentioned in the newsletter and on Instagram, it was not possible to release it last year. This year, however, being a bigger company with more financial muscle, it was indeed possible. I view it as a victory for the company.

The aim is quite clear: to mogg and outshine all other brands, even well-established and popular ones. Settling for less is not an option. It might sound like a cliché, but I want to make it clear to everyone who is a fan and supporter of the brand that we will continue to develop to become as good as possible.

As I write this, the woollen garment is out of stock (to everyone who already ordered it: good call), but it will be back in stock in early December.
The new polo shirts are a also step in the right direction. As other brands go along the path of mainstream culture (i.e. being cucked and anti-European, just look at their commercials and models), we stand firm as an unapologetically pro-European company.

These new polo shirts, Emperor’s Purple Polo Shirt and Enlightened Despot’s Polo Shirt, are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn. The difference between their cut and the previous cut is that they are more spacious around the shoulders, and since they are organic cotton, they are softer (and thus more comfortable).

The Byzantine Black Sun! Perhaps the most popular and requested t-shirt to date makes its triumphant return. This time in organic cotton.

The emblem consists of two parts. The ancient Indo-European Black Sun is a symbol of infinite power and energy. Visualise it starting to turn whenever you are in need of additional energy and motivation to set a high pace in your given endeavour. The Byzantine Eagle stands for European unity and celebrates the legacy of the Roman Empire.

The Green Aesthetic T-Shirt is a stylish and discreet garment. It has the same athletic cut as the rest of the t-shirts and is also made with organic cotton. The Legio Gloria emblem is embroidered.
Legio Celtica is a reimagined classic. The first one appeared for a brief while in 2016 (so before things got going in earnest) and has been requested ever since.

Just as with the Byzantine Black Sun, I wanted this design to inspire a sense of Pan-European identity. It is made with organic cotton. Moreover, note that its colour is the same as the Green Aesthetic T-Shirt pictured above.

The new hoodie also aims to be stylish and discreet. The hoodie and the tracksuit bottoms are meant to be colour-coordinated, with the gold embroidery tying them together.

On another note, as I might have mentioned before, we have made a rather substantial logistical change (moving the stock and changing shipping routines). This has caused some delays. However, now that the new routines are in place, shipping will be a lot faster (and a bit cheaper), especially to the US and Canada. I have added the option of having the parcel or package tracked as well.

Furthermore, a note on Black Friday. Legio Gloria never has any Black Friday sales (nor any sales for that matter); our focus is always on top quality products and promoting a heroic aesthetic.

And a short note on coming products. Underwear (loose fitting) in organic cotton is in the works. In addition to that we have some more garments incoming next year. Stay tuned!

Lastly, in regard to Dauntless. As you might have seen it is now available in German as Unbeugsam. It is available on both here Legio Gloria and here Jotunheim Nutrition. It makes for a perfect Christmas gift to any male relative that might need some guidance.

The next step is to translate it into French and Spanish in an effort to bring back thumos to those once glorious nations.

All new releases are available here:

That being said, I wish you a great weekend ahead!

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