Fizeek Friday Wisdom – No Access to Gym

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I do not post physique from the Temple of Iron, but from another form of training. This is the wisdom of the week:

What to do if you can’t access the gym? And what do you do when you have suboptimal conditions for a gym session (i.e. bad sleep, bad diet etc.)?

  1. If you, for whatever reason, have decided to not pray in the Temple of Iron, you can always go for a nice forest walk. Pictured: me checking in from such a walk, chewing on four mastic gums, listening to a podcast (in this case Caribbean Rhythms).
  2. Either you train something lighter, doing complementary bodybuilding exercises, or you go for a walk.

If you know you can’t perform well enough, it is better to save that session for when you are adequately prepared. Say you are following The Primordial Beast’s Hypertrophy Plan, which I wrote for the Physique Manufactorum a while back, or Smolov JR for the benchpress, you simply need to have a good night’s sleep behind you. You also need to have eaten well before, otherwise you will most likely not be able to finish the session. Should you be able to finish the session even when having slept and eaten poorly, you need to increase the weights for your coming sessions.

Remember; to put on mass (as a natural), you need to get stronger in the main compound movements. Progression over a long period of time is the key. If you can’t perform well enough a certain day; postpone the session.

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