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I posted the following for this week’s Fizeek Friday over at Gab. I mentioned the term BogomilMAXXing in the latest Podcast episode as well as in my latest video on Odysee (which can be seen here).

BogomilMAXX for regime change

Summer is incoming and many of us are aiming to get shredded. In order to get shredded, you can BogomilMAXX, which simply means to start fasting and to limit your intake of refined sugar.

  • Intermittent fasting. Easy to incorporate into your life. Simply limit your intake of food to 12:00-20:00 (or an eating window of similar length). I have a black coffee in the morning (gourmet coffee – Kongo Mörkrost).
  • Limit your intake of refined sugar. Easier said than done, but whenever you feel the urge to consume sugary things, just imagine the disproving gaze of a benevolent Bogomil priest.
    I say refined sugar, because there is a great difference (health-wise) between things containing refined sugar and foods that have naturally occurring sugar (fruits, milk etc.).

Pictured (the header picture in this article): current form, about two weeks into the summer cut. I have implemented the changes above. Although, due to a lack of Bogomil priests nearby, I have still consumed some pastries and chocolates (alongside my afternoon/PWO coffee).

Additional note: What does -MAXXing mean? It simply means to do something a lot. EggMAXXing = eating plenty of eggs. SunMAXXing = being out a lot in the sun. Why do I use such terminology when I otherwise try to perfect my language? Because it is fun, and memes are powerful.

Hyperborean Man Summer – Linen Trousers

I am extremely happy to announce the Hyperborean Man Summer – Linen Trousers. As I have said before, the success of previous releases has allowed us to take the clothing to the next level. With more resources to develop new products, we aim for the heavens. More linen, more wool, more organic cotton, more stylish clothes.

A pair of aesthetically pleasing and supremely comfortable linen trousers. Perfect for warm summer days, either basking in the sun at a café or when out exploring and looking for the lost civilisation of Atlantis.

Linen has been a beloved fabric in Europe since time immemorial. During the Middle Ages, the Hanseatic League traded linen from Lithuania. We aim to continue this fine tradition.

The garment is made out of 100% linen and is made in Lithuania. Available here: LegioGloria.com

France – The Pinnacle of Civilisation

In my latest Podcast episode (Episode 9. The Pinnacle of Civilisation – France), I mentioned that I might have been wrong in naming Sweden as the Pinnacle of Civilisation. It is true that Sweden, as a society, reached a high point last century, and has a long and glorious history. However, when viewing the matter from a deeper historical perspective, it is more reasonable to give that title to France.

One could argue that the title should fall to Germany, Spain or Great Britain (among others). All three are indeed worthy contenders. That being said, France has, arguably, been the most admired country of all. How do you determine admiration? True admiration can be found in who you want to emulate. As Bronze Age Pervert correctly pointed out in a recent Caribbean Rhythms episode, Paris has always been the capital that other nations sought to model their own cities after. Alas, today Paris is rather used as a warning example. So, the title of Pinnacle of Civilisation should be viewed in a historical context.

If you haven’t already listened to Podcast Episode 9, I might point out that the entire episode is not about the historical grandeur of France, but more so about Cathars and Christian sects. You can read more about the Cathars here (Lucifer’s Court) and here (Crusade Against the Grail).

On a personal level, I am a great admirer of Imperial Spain (the same is true for Great Britain and Germany). If you want to give your mind a high and healthy dose of European aesthetics, there are plenty of places around Madrid to visit. One such place, which I have visited twice (2018 and 2019), is San Ildefonso. Along with a beautiful palace and garden, it contains plenty of statues of Greek gods.

I made two videos featuring Spanish aesthetics (follow the links to watch on Odysee):
The Golden One in Iberia – Admiration of Epic Statues and Training in Nature
Neo-Visigothic Calisthenics and Iberian Exploration Session of Helios

Moreover, it is important for me to point out that my love for Sweden is not lessened in anyway by my admiration of other nations. On the contrary, I express admiration for other because of a high sense of self-esteem, both on a personal and national level. Certain people venerate others because they feel bad about themselves, and they denigrate themselves. Not so here!

Lastly, I might add that the 19th and 20th century focus the nation is quite outdated in our current predicament. Thus, it is more reasonable to talk in terms of bioculture and civilisation (as I elaborated on in Podcast Episode 7. Europa).

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