Horus Heresy Reading List

The Horus Heresy series contains 54 books. Below, I have listed the best (in my humble opinion) ones and the ones most central to the main storyline. I have read all 54 books and am currently reading the Siege of Terra series which concludes the Horus Heresy story.

  1. Horus Rising
  2. False Gods
  3. Galaxy in Flames
  4. The Flight of the Eisenstein
  5. Fulgrim
  6. Descent of Angels
  7. Legion
  8. Fallen Angels
  9. A Thousand Sons
  10. The First Heretic
  11. Prospero Burns
  12. The Outcast Dead
  13. Deliverance Lost
  14. Know No Fear
  15. The Primarchs
  16. Fear to Tread
  17. Angel Exterminatus
  18. Betrayer
  19. The Unremembered Empire
  20. Scars
  21. Vengeful Spirit
  22. The Path of Heaven
  23. The Silent War
  24. Angels of Caliban
  25. Praetorian of Dorn
  26. Corax
  27. The Master of Mankind
  28. The Crimson King
  29. Wolfsbane
  30. Slaves to Darkness

The supremely epic artwork above is made by Alex Cristi and represents The Golden One (yours truly) as the Primarch Fulgrim.

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