The Legio Gloria September Release

I am happy to present five new releases. I am also happy to say that several garments have been restocked! First and foremost, two new polo shirts are available – a verdant green one and a much-requested black one. Both have the same cut and material as the previous polo shirts – 100% organic cotton and with an athletic fit. The model fits rather tightly, so if you are in between sizes, go with a size up.

Two new stringers are available. The Mithraic Gym Stringer was, as regular readers of my book reviews will perhaps have surmised, a design I had a special desire to release. Wearing the motif of Mithras and the Bull will serve as a reminder to dominate your inner chaos, and to make the most use of the divine energies that are yours to harness. This design is also meant as an esoteric salute to others who will recognise its message.

The second motif is inspired by the Vendel-era Torslunda helmet, which was found on the Swedish island Öland (located in the sacred Baltic Sea). The runes say Legio Gloria. The garment itself is a better version of the previous tanktop the motif appeared on last year. I was not perfectly happy with the said tanktop, so I made some changes (for better comfort and durability). I wear this stringer in large (I wear most other garments in extra large), so you can go with a size smaller than your usual (a medium actually fits me well too).

Alongside a restock of most bottoms, new Questing Shorts in grey are available. Based on customer feedback, these have deeper pockets than previous Questing Shorts.

Related to the polo shirts – it is sometimes necessary to even out the shoulder seam (simply iron it). The cut of the polos is designed to accommodate muscular arms and shoulders, hence spacious shoulder seams.

Lastly, we still have some issues with DHL. Our logistics team has been in contact with DHL and DHL is currently making some changes and improvements, so the matter should be resolved within a foreseeable future. The orders are arriving in good fashion, even if some tracking numbers are not working. Thank you for your patience in this regard!

Next up for Legio Gloria is a wool release, which will consist of a new garment in addition to a restock of the beloved Lir’s Merino Wool Sweater. Onwards and upwards!

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