Is The Golden One on Steroids?

Let us deal with this once and for all.

I swear upon my honour that I have never taken steroids. For men of honour, this is enough. Alas, men of honour are few and far between. Degenerates, however, are common.

Thus, let me share some information:
Never judge someone on pictures – pictures can be highly deceiving. I can go and take a picture right now in which I look like a slouch; then I will change the lighting, angle, and flex a bit – et voila! I look great. If you know how to work angles, you can appear much more massive.
Moreover, my model pictures are taken during a few hours of a few days during the summer; this is not how my standard form has looked like. If you want to know what I look like, watch my videos. Fortunately, I have 75 training videos on my YouTube channel (the oldest is from 2013). So, you can admire my physique from all stages of my journey – and what you will see is a natural physique.

Now, some stats:
I am 187 cm tall and my standard weight is 95 kg. Standard summer-form is 93 kg. Photoshoot form is closer to 90 kg.
My testosterone levels throughout the years:
2015: 18,3.
2017: 21.
2019: 21.
2020: 23.
2022: 20.
Personal records throughout the years:
2015: 180 kg Benchpress.
2015: 130 kg Pushpress.
2016: 235 kg Squat.
2020: 260 kg Deadlift.
2023: 95 kg Strictpress.

I was at my most physically imposing in either 2015 or 2020 (I was a bit leaner in 2013 and 2014, but smaller). The picture below is from 2020.

“But others have taken steroids.”
I am not others; my superior – flawless – moral conduct over all of these years should have made that abundantly clear. Humans are different, both in terms of genetic and spiritual qualities – I know school teaches egalitarianism, so I do not blame anyone for being blue-pilled on the matter.

“You cannot look like that as a natural.”
You cannot, but I can – due to my unique genetic make-up. Regarding this, I have always made it quite clear that no one can look like me by training like me – I have only said that you can put on mass as a natural by following my advice (which other natural lifters will vouch for). Genetics > Steroids. You cannot look like me, but you can look better than me, Gods willing.

Lastly, this is not about steroids. This is about the fact that there is such a thing as an objective truth. It is about the fact that if I give my word, that means it is true. If you do not take my word as a gold standard, there is absolutely no reason for you to listen to anything I say. Therefore, you can decide; either you trust me when I give my word, or you do not. If you do not, I invite you to unfollow me on all platforms. If you acknowledge the truth – I salute you and humbly thank you for your continued support.

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