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Why Muhammad Ali was not a draft dodger. A Tribalist’s perspective.

Muhammed Ali passed away last week and as was to be expected a debate arose about him. I chose to salute him via pictures on Instagram and Facebook as I think he was worthy of commemorating on his day of passing. He was not just only a great athlete, he was also an athlete who used […]

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Pre-Orders and Orders for New Garments!

The new garments are finally here! The Aux Armes Fleur-de-Lis T-Shirt is an upgraded version of the old one with a higher quality garment with a better fit in addition to a bolder and sturdier print. The two new designs are gym stringers with a traditional heraldic Evropean Lion! More information:  Sizing Guide The t-shirt […]

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Political Book Recommendations

The Real Right Returns by Daniel Friberg:  Why We Fight by Guillame Faye:  Suprahumanism by Daniel S. Forrest:  The Metaphysics of War by Julius Evola: 

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