Response to Magnus Ranstorp on “Right-Wing Extremism”

Magnus Ranstorp claims in his biography on Twitter to be a “Leading Terrorism Expert since 1990. Special Advisor to EU Radicalisation Awareness Network“. Normally I would laugh at anyone at his competence level claiming to be an expert; I would also be amused and bewildered that the European Union has such an individual as a ‘special advisor. However, as we all know, we do not live in normal times. Tragicomical as it is I am not surprised.

The article is full of factual mistakes, which could have easily been checked – such as when Det fria Sverige was founded (in 2017 and not in 2015). Or where /pol/ is located, which is 4chan and not Reddit. The article also states that I have 60 000 subscribers on YouTube, yet at another place it is (correctly) stated that I have over 100 000. Which means he either got the initial number wrong or that it took him three years to write it. For the record, I have 107 000 subscribers, despite being shadowbanned for the last two years. Either way his employers should have a word with him.

Factual mistakes aside, what is truly fascinating about individuals like Ranstorp is that they are still, to this day, desperately trying to present a narrative where Swedes on the ‘far-right’ (meaning everyone who criticises the multicultural hell-project) are the true danger to society and ‘democracy’. Ironically enough, they claim to stand for democratic values yet have absolutely no issue shutting down freedom of speech for dissidents. Again, this is hardly surprising for anyone who is aware of the corrupt nature of the Swedish regime.

The report also claims, in one absurd statement, that my videos are homoerotic. I can only view this as an expression of Ranstorp’s own insecurities and inferiority complex. Using terms as homoerotic as a slur is usually done by men who feel the need to cope with their own lack of masculinity.

The report also, conveniently, neglects to mention the fact that I have on numerous occasions disavowed political violence (not necessarily because it is a crime, but more importantly because it is a mistake). However, they will not say this because being honest in this regard would destroy the narrative they are trying to present.

In conclusion, these articles, hit-pieces, and reports will continue, and every time they appear, the disconnect between the people and the regime is widened. Magnus Ranstorp, and individuals like him, can posture and pretend all they like, as at the end of the day, they are just dishonest cowards. I get stopped in the street by people thanking me for my good work; I doubt Ranstorp can say the same.

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