A Triumph. Doing Things Thoroughly. Jotunheim Germany and USA. New Legio Gloria Releases

This article comes a bit later than originally planned but I thought it was a good idea to share some insights in regard to the recent European Jotunheim Nutrition launch in addition to sharing the progress of Jotunheim’s arrival in Vinland, the New World.

I actually opened up the Swedish webshop for orders in Europe two years ago. I quickly realised that is was far too premature to take that step. Since then I have taken the adequate and necessary steps to do it properly and thoroughly. There are many aspects to take into consideration and none of them should be rushed. Logistics, the legal aspects, accounting, packaging, correct labelling etc.

Thus the launch of the European webshop feels like a triumph. Hard work and patience pays off!

Since the beginning of the year, and this monumentally important decade, I have focused quite a bit on Jotunheim Nutrition. The Swedish site, admittedly, did not look good enough at that stage, but since then I have spent quite a bit of time optimising the page. The same can be said about the Legio Gloria page, which now looks quite aesthetically pleasing, if I may be so bold.

Moreover, as I announced on the Jotunheim Nutrition Instagram recently, Jotunheim will arrive in the US and Canada later this year. Opening up production in the US required a bit more research than was the case with the Swedish products. The products sold on the American webshop will not be the same as the ones seen on the Swedish and European one, since the former will be made in the US (as opposed to Sweden since I don’t want to ship that amount of food across the Atlantic). However, the products will be from grass-fed cows and will have the necessary certificates that vouch for an ethical and clean production. I will keep everyone updated on the grand opening of the American webshop.

In regard to the new Legio Gloria releases they consist of two remodelled garments, namely Saturnus’ Meditation Garment and Galadriel’s Blessing.

The changes that have been made are the following:

  1. Larger space around the arms, for increased flexibility and reduced amount of sweat accumulated in the armpit area.
  2. A smaller zipper for aesthetic and practical reasons.

The other new release, Saturnus’ Fitted Tanktop is actually a classic brought back. Except for the new logo it has undergone the same changes as the sleeveless hoodies; the tanktop has more space around the arms.

This fits a bit tighter than the stringers that were released a while ago, and has some elastane to make it stretchier.

The new releases are available at LegioGloria.com

Jotunheim Nutrition is currently available for European customers at: Jotunheimnutrition.de
And for Swedish customers at: Jotunheimnutrition.se

Updates on the American webshop will be announced in a few weeks.

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